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Melbourne’s leading Automatic Transmission Repair Specialists in Abbotsford & Collingwood area, our team of four fully qualified mechanics, with up to date knowledge and technical Experties.

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Top Shift Automatics is a family run business that was first established in 80’s. The founder of the buisness, John, has been working in automatic transmissions for over a 30 year period, dubbing him the most specialised man in the field. The Top Shift Automatics team of highly skilled technicians consists of only family members. The fact that all services are provided by the family ensures that care and team cooperation takes place to finalise every task at the highest possible standard.

In order to cater for a wide variety of clientele, the team has ensured that they are qualified and completely trained in all areas of automatic transmissions. With this, we hold pride in the fact that we do specialise and deal with automatic transmission problems of all makes and models.

To properly diagnose your vehicle correctly and efficiently, the Top Shift automatics team has endeavored to provide the most up to date tools and diagnostic equipment. We deny the chance to falsely diagnose your vehicle, ensuring that your transmission problem is dealt with efficiently and appropriately.

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Transmission Services

Drive in & drive out exchange transmission for all popular makes & models.Standard and or toughened rebuilds for your transmissionCast alloy valve body Custom rebuilds for street & track applications

Specialist in standard & high performance transmissions including:

  1. Shift kits Shift enhancers
  2.  Full manual valve bodies
  3. Trans-brake valve bodies
  4. Super hold billet servos
  5. Custom shifter installs
  6. Custom Transmission Installation & fabrication
  7. Transmission coolers

General Mechanical Repairs

  1. Brake & clutch
  2. Fuel pumps
  3. Fuel injection, including EFI & carburetors
  4. Differentials & starter motors
  5. Diagnostics & computer systems
  6. Belts & hoses
  7. Auto electrics
  8. Air conditioning
  9. Brake hose manufacturing
  10. Glass, including windscreens and windows
  11. Exhaust systems & mufflers

Roadworthy Certificates

Typically a roadworthy inspection will include:

  1. Condition of wheels and tyres
  2. Steering
  3. Suspension
  4. Brake and Clutch Repairs
  5. Lamps, signals and reflectors
  6. Windscreen and windows
  7. Wipers and washers
  8. Seats and seat belts
  9. Body, chassis and engine

Logbook Servicing

Maintain Manufacturer’s Statutory Warranty

To maintain your new car manufacturer’s statutory warranty the car must be serviced:

  1. By qualified staff – our staff are fully qualified mechanics
  2. In accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications – we follow (and often exceed) the manufacturer’s requirements set out in the handbook
  3. Use genuine or appropriate OEM parts – we always use genuine or appropriate OEM parts

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We are proudly accredited by VACC and Vicroad.